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Sometimes, you just know that today is your day, even if all signs point to other conclusions. Maybe things have slid so far that they just have to get better, or maybe you just have that special feeling. Whatever the reason, it is uncanny when it happens.

By the time I finally managed to win the lottery, I was pretty down in the dumps. You might say that I was desperate. I was so broke that I was out of any reasonable ideas to fix my situation. The best that I could do was to hope that lucky lotto numbers would help me out. I tried every number that I could think of. I tried my birthday, my parents' birthdays, the birthday of my girlfriend, the numbers of the letters of my name, spelled backwards. No matter what I tried, nothing worked. I could not find lucky lotto numbers, and I cursed myself for being so naive.

Then suddenly, providence came to my rescue. You see, I had been searching for lotto lucky number systems when I came across something kind of funny. There was some voodoo shop downtown that was offering charms guaranteed to draw money to you. What the heck, I thought, I had nothing to lose. If I did not find my lucky lotto numbers soon, my debts would ruin me whether or not I bought that charm.

As it turned out, I found my lucky lottery numbers! I slept with the charm under my pillow for a week, just like the instructions said, and pulled it out in time for the next lotto. Without thinking about it, I wrote down the first lucky lotto numbers that came to my head. I did not think about them as I was writing them, but simply wrote each lucky lotto number down on a piece of paper as I thought of it. I took my lucky lotto numbers down to the corner store in a last act of desperate hope, and put my faith in lady luck. She served me well.

Thanks to those lucky lotto numbers, I am now independently wealthy. I have all that I could ever need. My story is a true rags to riches story. I guess that the moral to my story is this. No matter how bleak things are, there is always hope. Maybe you will not find lucky lotto numbers, or some system to win the lottery, but you will find something to help you out when things seem the most hopeless.


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