Internet Business Success - What Do You Need?

Do you believe that running an Internet Business is easy? Is this why you want to get started? Most of the "Get Rich Quick" schemes suggest it, but the only ones who get eventually rich are the ones who are selling that crap. You should not forget the basics and that is an Internet business is a business and as such it requires work, especially in the beginning.

Over the last couple of years the Internet has become a source for additional income for many traditional businesses as well as a new type of solo entrepreneurs. It is a fantastic distribution channel for any source of products and services. The number and diversity of business models is huge, but the best part is that your initial investment for beginning a new Internet venture is very, very low compared to other businesses. If, but only if you start smart.

The key ingredients are: visitors, products, copywriting. Some people don't even have Web sites, but nevertheless make good money from their activities. Lets talk about each of those ingredients. Visitors: You need to get human eyeballs to see whatever you are doing in your Internet business. Some call this traffic or lead generation. Let's assume you have a Web site. How will people find it? Paid Advertising on Google or a banner shown in a popular forum are just two examples. But your site should also be found with search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. And of course you want to have many links to your Web site from other Web sites that are about a similar topic.

The more easily people can get to your site, the more potential for making money you will have. Products: If you want to make money, you need either to sell something yourself or help others to sell their products and services. Somewhere, someone has to pay a few bucks, otherwise nobody will win. Affiliate marketing is the industry which is all about selling other peoples products. Another way is to sell advertising on your site. That means you basically redirect your visitor to someone else Web site and get paid for. Copywriting: It is not a secret of the Internet age that words (and sometimes pictures) sell. It is the truth. This is what good quality copy is about.

You have to persuade the visitors to your Web site to take action by clicking on the "buy" button, clicking an advertising banner, or give you their email address in an opt-in form. The quality of your copy is often measured with the conversion rate. The average conversion rate is probably around 2%, that means when you direct 1000 people to your Web site, 20 will buy something from you or do whatever you want them to do. You also should make sure that is easy for the visitor to buy from you, this is what usability is all about. The beauty about the Internet Business is that you can drastically increase your profits by improving each of those 3 areas. But you need to improve it on a consistent basis.

The effect is multiplicative. Once you have found out what works, you can set up a similar Web site, sell a similar product and will increase your bottom line. Increase your conversion rate from 0.5% to 1.5% and all of a sudden you have tripled your revenue. Buy twice as much traffic, and you double your profits.

Combine those 2 steps and make 6 times as much money with the same effort. Does it sound complicated? Well, there are thousands of different possibilities of doing Business on the Internet, don't get confused. Start out with one model and consistently improve it. Once you know what works for you, repeat it over and over again.

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