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If you suffer the discomfort of heartburn more than occasionally, you may have a more serious problem. After an especially spicy or heavy meal, even very healthy people can experience a bit of regurgitation of stomach contents. If this is rare, it's simple heartburn and nothing to worry about. But if it's a familiar sensation for you, you could be suffering from acid reflux or more officially called gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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We know anti-aging treatment plans (outside of healthy, natural efforts) do not conquer aging or death. They just contribute to drawing out, prolonging, or holding it at bay a bit longer.

If you've never tested out the energy bar craze, it's time to get in the game. After sizing up the competition such as power bars, Odwalla, and a number of others, the Clif bar remains my champion. These high energy, low fat snacks on the go offer a great taste and nutrition to boot. Check online and see the abundance of nutritional energy bars at your disposal today.

You can use the acronym GERD for short. You know how strong stomach acid is. Imagine what it does to the esophagus over time if stomach contents back up? Not a pretty picture. The stomach also contains pepsin for breaking down proteins and bile that may have backed up from the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine).

Slow rhythmic breathing will slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure as well as enhance relaxation and calm feelings of anxiety. Other effective anxiety treatments include biofeedback, meditation, and exercise, as well as stress reduction, lowering caffeine intake, or any other chemical or substance that is being ingested that could be a contributing factor. If you or someone you know is suffering from panic disorder, get help with effective anxiety treatments. For more information about anxiety treatments that work consult a mental health care provider to get back into life and stop being paralyzed by panic.

A regular workout routine can actually help manage your medical condition, but asthma and exercise dont always mix. You should not start, continue, change or increase a workout routine if your asthma is not currently under control. In addition, you should not exercise if you are suffering from a cold, the flu or allergies that are already exacerbating breathing difficulties. In any of these cases asthma and exercise arent the best combination.

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